Custody and Escrow Services

Nevada Trust Company® is experienced in serving as custodian for a variety of accounts and asset types including, but not limited to, IRAs, investment accounts, and precious metals.  In its role as custodian, NTC maintains records, provides accounting, bill paying services, and coordinates the day-to-day management of the assets.

Investment Escrow

Nevada Trust Company® provides escrow services for many unique needs.  One area of expertise is managing escrows for a variety of investment situations where a certain amount of funding must be accumulated and/or other requirements must be satisfied prior to distribution of funding to the investment. NTC is experienced in developing, monitoring, and managing a multitude of escrow accounts.

Complex Escrow

In addition to investment escrow accounts, Nevada Trust Company® offers and administers specialized escrows created to meet specific corporate needs. An Evergreen Escrow is one example that facilitates the ongoing import of dressage exhibition horses from Europe. Funds are received into the escrow on behalf of the purchaser and held until the horse’s arrival in the U.S. upon clearing of customs and quarantine. Upon the successful transfer of ownership and delivery of the healthy horse to the purchaser, funds held in escrow are released to the seller.

Precious Metals

Nevada Trust Company® has developed secure solutions for the custody of precious metals to be held within self-directed IRAs in accordance with IRA regulations. The approach requires joint access by the client and NTC personnel and provides added physical security through use of an offsite secure facility.

You (James) are the single most responsive trustee I’ve worked with over the past 25+ years.  I can’t tell you how much that means to me.      — Estate Planning Attorney, R. Lombardy


Nevada Trust by far offers the best client experience through excellent service, positive attitude, and solutions-based problem solving. From 1-10, 10. — GRH