Privacy Policy and Notice

Client Trust and Data Privacy At Nevada Trust Company® we emphasize on protecting the privacy of our clients. The Board of Directors and staff place a high priority on ensuring the security and privacy of data pertaining to each client. Nevada Trust Company® is aware that clients have entrusted us not only with their financial information and accounts, but also may have shared personal information. Managing Data Protection and Information Privacy The Board of Directors and staff at Nevada Trust Company® believe it is important that you be informed of data protection and privacy practices we have instituted, which include:
  1. Specific security protection practices to ensure privacy of information;
  2. Strict control protocols to limit access to client information;
  3. Formal procedures and processes to ensure the maintenance of accurate information;
  4. Procedures and restrictions on disclosure of client account information;
  5. Standards for client data collection, use, and methods of storage;
  6. Client data privacy covenants in third-party service and/or business arrangements;
  7. Staff commitment to support and to protect a client’s right to data privacy; and
  8. Periodic disclosure to clients of privacy benchmarks and overview of institutional privacy practices.
This Privacy Notice serves as a reference and guide to clients, staff, and management with respect to protecting client data and privacy. In providing this Privacy Notice we also underscore that despite our efforts to document or cover various situations in a written policy statement or notice, this notice is not a substitute for sound risk analysis or good judgment by our staff. We are required to provide all clients with such notice at the beginning of our relationship with you and annually thereafter. If for any reason our policy changes in the interim with respect to privacy-related matters, you will be informed.