Nevada Asset Protection Trust

The State of Nevada is consistently rated as having the best asset protection laws in the U.S. Nevada Trust Company has extensive experience working with clients from around the world who actively utilize these statutes to ensure their wealth is protected.

What is a Nevada Asset Protection Trust (“NAPT”)?

A Nevada Asset Protection Trust (“NAPT”) is an irrevocable trust established under the favorable laws of the State of Nevada. A NAPT is designed to own assets, regardless of physical location, to provide safety and protection against claimants and creditors. Benefits of an NAPT for the creator or any beneficiaries thereof may include:
  • Ability of the creator to maintain control of the trust investments
  • No State Income Tax
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • Protection of assets from exception creditors (e.g., divorcing spouse, child support, etc.) once the assets have been held in trust for more than 2 years
  • A trust in Nevada can last up to 365 years which bypasses related transfer taxes

Why use Nevada Trust Company® as your corporate trustee?

If the creator of an NAPT resides outside of Nevada, the State requires that an independent, Nevada-based corporate trustee be appointed for each NAPT. As an independent fiduciary, a corporate trustee is removed from prejudices inherent in family relationships that can compromise an individual trustee’s objectivity. Nevada Trust Company® has the prerequisite experience, personnel, insurance, and resources to appropriately serve as your corporate trustee and manage NAPTs across situations, asset types, and geographies.

It’s nerve-wracking handing over estate assets for professional management, but with NTC, I know everything is well-managed. They are incredibly thoughtful, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile. Couldn’t be happier with their trust and estate services.   — Jennifer


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